The Ets Hayim is a Romaniote synagogue, built in 1904 and renovated in 2006.


Synagogue School is where kids learn about what it would be have been like to be a kid when Jesus was in Jerusalem. The word synagogue comes from the Greek word for gathering together.

It is from the worship order established in synagogues that our modern church patterns.

Each feature has a special religious significance.

Some synagogues have separate areas for men and women to worship, but some are mixed so that everyone can worship together. Synagogue definition, a Jewish house of worship, often having facilities for religious instruction. Synagogue School.

ABSTRACTThis article examines case studies of two part-time synagogue education programs, a conventional “Hebrew School” and an alternative program modeled after Jewish summer camp.

. School Holidays in Jeddah; Public Holidays in Jeddah; Facts about schools in Jeddah: Jeddah has 849 public and private schools for male students and another 1,179 public. .

Jewish people can worship anywhere, but in order to institute a synagogue, 10 men must come together for prayer. Synagogue School Set Up.

Synagogues can be found virtually wherever there are Jews and have been in use

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